Castle                               Co-Star                 ABC

CSI:NY                              Co-Star                 CBS

1000 Ways to Die            Co-Star                 Spike TV



A Dry September                    Supporting        d: Arkesh Ajay / Prod. James Franco, Rabbit Bandini

Ghosts                                     Lead                   d: Steven Markowitz / Short

Dreamboard for Destiny        Lead                   d: Kelly Morris / Birdswerds Productions

Half Magic                               Supporting        d: Heather Graham / Magic Bubble Productions

Everybody Does It                  Supporting        d: Megan Brotherton / Short

Mucho Dinero                         Supporting        d: Blake Freeman / Vigilante Films

Star Trek: Into Darkness        Supporting        d: J. J. Abrams / Paramount Pictures

Camp Buck’s Horn                 Lead                   d: Johannes Aspegren / Short 

Giving Up                                Lead                   d: Chris Smith / Sweet Revenge

The Letter                               Lead                   d: Amy Leonard / Short

Home on the Road                 Lead                   d: Will Lowell / Short

Ear Today Gone Tomorrow   Lead                   d: Carly Woodworth / Short

Dark Melody                            Lead                  d: Dan Loiewski / LMU Film Thesis



A Future Where Women & Men are Paid Equally     Lead                          Self / Digital Short

Return to Sender                                                         Series Regular          Cameron Oro / Digital Series


THEATRE (partial)

The Donkey Show                                Dmitri                      d: Diane Paulus / American Repertory Theatre

The Escape Artist’s Children               Sheri                       Celebration Theatre

Sexual Perversity in Chicago              Joan                        American Repertory Theatre

The Little Tragedies                             Dona Anna              Moscow Art Theatre

The Winter’s Tale                                 Paulina                     ART/MXAT Institute at Harvard

Makbet                                                  Lady Macbeth         Dzieci Theatre Ensemble of NYC



Harvard University, MFA in Acting; Scott Zigler, Marcus Stern, David Hammond, Nancy Houfek      

University of Pennsylvania, BA in Communication and Spanish                                                  

Master Scene Study with Deb Aquila, Aquila Morong Studio

Commercial Callback Workshop, Killian’s Workshop

Audition with Stan Kirsch, Stan Kirsch Studios

Graduate of The Actor’s Center (NYC Conservatory; Per Brahe, Jane Nichols, Jed Diamond)



Yoga, Swimming, Riflery, Archery, Certified in Unarmed Stage Combat; Accents/Dialects: Non-Regional American, RP, Cockney, Southern (Native of NC), Russian, French. Bone-chilling scream. Dance: Proficient in Modern, Tap, Jazz, Bellydance. Valid Passport/Driver’s License. 

Local Hire NY, LA, NC.